Tricia Reilly Koch

Tricia lives her life to the fullest. She emphasizes excitement over routine and incorporates curiosity and acceptance into her daily life. She is a firm believer that the mind and body are interconnected.

What do we mean by this? From an early age, Tricia was introduced to the world of meditation through her maternal grandmother, who was a regular visitor to ashrams in the 1950s. Since then, she has been fascinated with the world of healthy living.

As a holistic health coach, Tricia is well versed in what type of nutrition is “good” for the body. She is a student of ayurvedic living, is certified in Plant-Based Nutrition, and studied the healing powers of energy through reiki and yoga. In the past 25 years, she balanced her career in the business world with immersing herself into the study of what it means to nourish your mind and body. She attended yoga retreats, raw food seminars, juice cleanses, and hiking excursions to come to more fully understand the connection between the mind and the body.

As a mother of four children, Tricia recognizes the significance of passing on knowledge to others, particularly to those you love. It is this mindset that inspired her and her partners to create BB&R Wellness Consulting. With her dual background in education and business, she brings a valuable perspective to the BB&R team and is committed to providing others with the tools to achieve their optimal health.

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