OCTOBER 26, 2019

Washington D.C., Georgetown University



Doro Bush Koch and Patricia Reilly Koch are the co-founders of the annual Achieving Optimal Health Conference at Georgetown University, co-creators of the HealthGig podcast and the founders of BB&R Wellness Consulting. They have used their education, experience and talents to bring powerful messaging and behavioral changes into our culture.

The future of health is exciting and the world is taking notice. People everywhere are looking at approaches and methodologies from new angles with new insights. With all of the amazing cutting edge research and innovation happening in medicine, care, and delivery, it is hard to keep up.

At the center of it all are people.

Doro and Tricia have worked for the last decade and half on this portion of care. They inspire people to move from passive caretakers to engaged partners in their own journey toward prevention, lifestyle design and healing. They are committed to creating experiences which broadcast the idea that health is not as segmented as we once thought. When we consider the broader context and connection between our mind, body, and spirit, we tackle root causes that can pay massive dividends across the board. They lead a new kind of health company which works to bring this complexity into simplicity. They know that when people feel inspired and included in the conversation of their own health, they can share simple and powerful strategies to create a real change in their lives. These habits and insights then move outward into their families, networks and communities.