Doro Bush Koch

Looking for the words to describe Doro Bush Koch? Unique and compassionate.

Imagine being the only woman in history to have both a father and brother as president. Imagine having to balance a very public life with your own private life of raising four children. Doro handled it with grace and with resilience. How did she do it? She turned to mindfulness. Staying present and grounded has made such an impact on Doro’s life that she now teaches mindfulness workshops and has even produced her own meditation CD, “Take This Moment to Breathe.” She lives by the idea that it is important to not only “work out,” but “work in.”

Doro’s grandmother and namesake, Dorothy Walker Bush, was one of the greatest influences in Doro’s life. She raised five children (one of whom became the 41st president of the United States), was a phenomenal athlete, and even dabbled in music. However, what Doro remembers most was the compassionate way her grandmother treated others.

Not surprisingly, Doro shares this genuine compassion. Her kindness gives her a special ability to connect individuals. She has used this gift as a New York Times best-selling author, connecting her readers to her father’s life in “My Father, My President: A Personal Account of the Life of George H.W. Bush.” As co-chair of the Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation, she connects those suffering from a lack of education to those willing to help. Now, as a founding partner of “BB&R Wellness Consulting” she is utilizing her gift to connect those who want to improve their lives with the resources needed to make it happen.

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