Alicia H. Clark

Alicia H. Clark, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializes in relationships and anxiety, and helping people cope with stressors ranging from the mundane to the extremes of modern life. She has longstanding interests in anxiety and emotional regulation, and endeavor to help people understand the broader impacts of anxiety and depression on different life stages, as well as how interpersonal relationship patterns can substantially affect these experiences. Her current areas of interest include harnessing the productive power of anxiety, the commodity of attention, and the critical role of empathy and emotional expression in relationships.

She has also been publishes in the areas of trauma, alcohol and adult development, and have spoken at international Women’s Leadership conferences on Anxiety, Life Transitions, and Wellness. As an Assistant Professor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, She teaches Advanced Psychopathology and Advanced Practicum to doctoral candidates at the Washington, DC campus.

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