Grace Jull

Grace Jull has been an experiential educator in the field of human potential since 1984.

Teaching about the power of the heart is a particular passion, and she has moved thousands of people in her eloquent, playful and profound presentations that accessibly integrate activism, embryology, osteopathy, anatomy, aquatic massage, and yoga.

Having trained over 3000 yoga teachers and massage therapists, she is gifted at translating the non-verbal resilience of mind, body and spirit into language, technique and palpable presence. Her passion as a guide has culminated in an online course – – which illuminates the body as a collaborative field of consciousness.

She has been adjunct faculty as an anatomy and yoga expert in various mind-body medicine programs such as Harvard’s Rehabilitation Medicine Residency, Cirque de Soleil’s Inuit Intervention, Saybrook University’s doctorate program, the New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, and Scholar in Residence at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Her popular presentation about the heart has also been well received at popular yoga conferences such as Wanderlust.

She holds a Master’s degree from the University of Toronto in Adult Education, and is also co-founder of Shakti Initiation, a women’s yoga leadership advanced training in Bali, Indonesia and New England.

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