Doro Bush Koch Gives Commencement Address at St. James School

Doro was recently invited to give the commencement address to graduating students of Saint James School on Sunday, June 5th, 2016. Doro spoke to the class of 2016 about mindfulness and compassion. Below is an excerpt from Doro’s commencement address.

Remember this as you move into the next stage of your life. You do not have be President of the United States to show compassion for another person. College is the perfect place to start being mindful through compassion for others. And remember, lots of small mindful moments have the potential to create a lifetime of meaning.

Simply put, when I tell you to “be mindful,” I am telling you to be present and to be compassionate. Mindfulness is not a “one size fits all” concept so adapt it to your life in whatever way you think fits best.

So this is my advice to you today: be true, pure, strong, brave, a friend to all, giving, and humble. Most of all, look up, and laugh and love and lift. Appreciate the “sacred moments in life” such as the one you are experiencing this very second.

Ultimately, take a mindful perspective as you approach the next stage of your life and remember the words from the Epistle of St. James: that every good gift and every perfect act of giving is from above. Be grateful for God’s gifts, but also remember to be the gift. If you do, you’ll find you’ve lived a life of meaning and adventure.

Olivia Lopez