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Welcome by Charles, Tricia and Doro | 9:15am

Mindfulness and Finding Your True Refuge | 9:30am
Tara Brach will explore with us the profound transformation that can occur just by training your attention and awareness — a practice sweeping schools, workplaces, and institutions across the country with its capacity to decrease stress, cultivate inner calm, and expand wisdom and creativity. This talk explores how developing mindful awareness nourishes the self-acceptance, open-heartedness and mental clarity that underlie a vital and happy life.

Nutrition 101 | 10:20am
Improving your diet is one of the most significant changes you can make when your goal is to have more energy and health with every passing year. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation spreading about what is truly healthy food. In this talk, Dr. Thomas Sherman will give you the basics of a diet for reducing your risk of disease and having greater health. Dr. Sherman’s practical advice will emphasize natural healing, diet, fitness and nutritional foods and how incorporating them into your daily life is easier than you think.


Get up and Move! – Five minute quick stretch

Aluminum in Neurological Disease: What we do and don’t know. | 11:15am
We know aluminum as tinfoil, beer cans, cooking utensils, and other household items. Today, Dr. Chris Shaw will discuss the side effects of this product that we use every day, how it impacts humans, and the particular actions of aluminum in the nervous system across the lifespan. Have you been wondering about vaccines? The subject of aluminum in vaccines and the potential for inducing various neurological disorders will also be discussed. You don’t want to miss this one!

Your Cells Can Cure: Personalized Immune and Regenerative Therapy Breakthroughs | 11:50am
Cancer is expected to affect 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women in their lifetime, and every day, nearly 1,600 Americans die from cancer. Linda Powers is the CEO of Northwest Biotherapeutics, a world leader in personalized immune therapies for cancer and regenerative medicine. She will explain how the field of personalized immune therapies is a revolutionary approach to medicine involving personalized patient care and use of therapies unique to each individual. This emerging field states that each person possesses cells and other biomaterials that are capable of being developed into a wide range of healing therapies that harmoniously work with the body’s natural immune processes to cure disease, lost function and the effects of aging. Immune therapies, according to Linda, have achieved demonstrated results in curing disease at the cellular and molecular level while reversing damage incurred by illness or trauma resulting in significantly reduced or no toxicity. Regenerative medicine presents unprecedented opportunities to effectively treat debilitating diseases for which there are few known or no cures.

12:30pm | Lunch Time Enjoy lunch and visit with the exhibitors

An Honest Conversation with Mika Brzezinski | 1:40pm
Mika Brzezinski is at war against obesity. On “Morning Joe,” she is often so adamant about improving America’s eating habits that some people have dubbed her “the food nazi.” What they don’t know is that Mika wages a personal fight against unhealthy eating habits every day. Mika will describe her own history of food obsession and distorted body image, and her lifelong struggle to be thin. She believes it’s time we all learn to stop blaming ourselves, and each other, and look at the real culprits—the food we eat and our addiction to it. Mika feels the only way to do this is to break through the walls of silence and shame we’ve built around obesity and food obsessions. She believes we need to talk openly about how our country became overweight, and what we can do to turn the corner and step firmly onto the path of health. We just might learn that it is up to each one of us to make this happen.

Revolution in Aging: How to Be Younger Next Year | 2:30pm
Chris Crowley, co-author of the New York Times best-selling Younger Next Year books, joins us this year to tell us about the “Revolution In Aging” that has made a profound change in the lives of vast numbers of Americans. He says that 70 percent of normal American aging is voluntary and can be put off to the very end, and 50 percent of all serious illness and accidents can be skipped completely. This is not hyperbole, Chris says. Those numbers are conservative, according to him, if you make the serious lifestyle changes he describes. Chris will walk us through how to live a healthy, energetic life well into our golden years. The talk is fun but the message is as serious as any you’ll hear for a long time.

Reflections On The Day | 3:30pm
With Doro Bush Bush Koch, Patricia Reilly Koch and Dr. Tracy Freeman

Post Conference Film: “The Age of Aluminum”
(Length: 52 minutes.)

Aluminum is part of our daily lives, in cooking pans and computers, soda cans, cosmetics and vaccines. But how much do we know about its impact on human health and the environment? Based on Bert Ehgartner’s book “Dirty Little Secret – The Aluminum Files,” the film “The Age of Aluminum” includes interviews with scientists and researchers, along with personal stories, describing how aluminum exposure has triggered serious health consequences and environmental damage. This documentary sheds light on this hidden threat to our heath and highlights the solutions that we can all work towards.

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