…It’s the season of LOVE!

“The Care and Feeding of the HEART.”
February 19th, 10 am – 12pm

Please join us on February 19th to continue the conversation about how to take better care of your health and those that you love.  February’s class will focus on “the heart”,  YOUR heart, and the care and feeding of this amazing organ.  The conversation on caring for yourself is changing, are you listening?


Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the Western world.  Number one by a lot.  At BB&R we know that this does not have to be.  The truth is that 75% of cases of heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular disease events are preventable.   At theseminar, we will reveal simple, low cost things you can do right away to avoid this

terrible killer. We will talk about life style changes, foods you can eat to encourage your heart health and even sample delicious heart healthy snacks.

And in honor of Valentine’s Day, we will discuss the power of LOVE.  We will explore what it means to have self-love, the giving and receiving of love, and how these simple acts improve our lives and our

Email ellie@bbrconsulting.us to sign up.

Please know that you are invited to attend all five classes of the winter series. Please email Ellie Sosa to register.   Reserve your seat for each class now!  Seats are limited.

iStock_000004619188XSmallJanuary:  The Care and Feeding of YOUR Brain
February:  The Care and Feeding of YOUR Heart
March: What does it mean to cleanse?  We will discuss the benefits of a cleanse and the importance and the meaning of “clean eating”. BB&R will lead those participants that are interested in a safe, supported cleanse. Details to follow
April: TBD
May:  TBD

The winter series kicked off on January 17th where Dr. Nadine Kabbani led the discussion on “the care and feeding of our brains”.  (click here to read this month’s newsletter to learn more about her insights on how we can best take care of our brains and our overall health).