Doro’s Meditation CD

meditation CD
We are proud to announce the release of BB&R’s new meditation CD, Take This Moment to Breathe, with beautiful, soothing guided meditations led by our own Doro Bush Koch.

This CD will take you on a journey of relaxation, reflection, and healing, with the gentle words of the meditations enhanced by original music. These meditations are perfect for beginners as well as those experienced in meditation, can be done at home or away, and are designed to help you stay in the moment and ease the stress of even the busiest day.

Our team, including Doro, Patricia Reilly Koch, Diane Johnson, Terry Battle, Victoria Younes, and Pat Hand, have done an extraordinary job on Take This Moment to Breathe, and it’s a pleasure to let you know you’re in for a very special experience. The CD is $13.95 plus shipping and handling.