• The Achieving Optimal Health Conference 2011

    The Conversation is Changing... Are You Listening?

    It was an amazing weekend full of ground-breaking health information, joy, laughter and healing!

    September 17, 2011
    On the Campus at
    Georgetown University
    Gaston Hall

BB&R’s message is simple:

Each of us has the power to  control our destiny as it relates to our own personal health. Once we learn HOW to take care of ourselves we will become healthier, as will those we love. It is that simple. JOIN US in creating a life that you love.

What to expect at the Achieving Optimal Health conference?

• Inspirational lectures from world renowned health experts
• Fabulous giveaways and prizes
• BB&R’s “market” of local and national food companies which will include sampling of delicious healthy products and demonstrations

And so much more…

ACHIEVING OPTIMAL HEALTH CONFERENCE, COME AND BE INSPIRED to make simple changes to your lifestyle that will benefit you for a lifetime. You will leave: ENERGIZED to better understand your body and make yourself a priority. EDUCATED in knowing what foods strengthen your immune system and fight chronic disease.As well as how to relieve stress and boost your mood through meditation. EXCITED about living your healthiest and happiest life possible



Doro Bush Koch

Founding Partner of BB&R Wellness Consulting

Take This Moment To Breathe

Patricia Reilly Koch

Founding Partner of BB&R Wellness Consulting

The Wrap Up

Robert L. Manuel

Dr. Bernie Siegel

Reflections on the Art of Living and Healing

Beryl Bender Birch

Sav ing the Planet (and Ourselves!) – One Breath at a Time:

Robert J. Hedaya

Treating Mood Disorders , Anxiety, and ADD without Medication: Is it Possible?

Dr. Michael Roizen

So you think you’re doing what it takes to be Healthy?

Jonny Bowden

Nutrition 101

Dr. Richard Carmona

The Power of Possibilities


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You are invited to join the BB&R Wellness Consulting team on Saturday, October 24th for the nationally acclaimed Achieving Optimal Health Conference at Georgetown University!


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Meet the Founders

Tricia Reilly Koch, Doro Bush Koch, Therese Burch


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