Chef Cathal Armstrong

Chef and Co Owner of Restaurant Eve

Diet and Exercise in Season: How to Sustain Your Mind and Body in the Four Seasons

Denise Austin

Fitness Expert

Beryl Bender Birch

Sav ing the Planet (and Ourselves!) – One Breath at a Time:

Mark T. Bertolini

Chairman & CEO Aetna Inc.

How to Integrate Mindfulness into Your Daily Lives

Jonny Bowden

Nutrition 101

Tara Brach

Teacher and founder of the Insight Meditation Community

Mindfulness and Finding Your True Refuge

Mika Brzezinski

Co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and a best-selling author

An Honest Conversation

Sister Deidre Byrne

Clinic Director of the Spanish Catholic Center

A Window into Spiritual Health

Dr. Richard Carmona

The Power of Possibilities

Alicia H. Clark

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Panel Discussion: The Latest Steps in Achieving a Better Healthier You

Chris Crowley

Motivational Speaker and New York Times Bestselling Author

Revolution in Aging: How to Be Younger Next Year

Charles DeSantis

Founder GUWellness, Associate Vice President For Benefits and Payroll & Chief Benefits Officer

Dr. Chris Exley

Internationally Recognized Researcher on Alzheimer's Disease, Professor in Bioinorganic Chemistry, Keele University

Tracy Freeman, M.D.

Chief Medical Advisor, BB&R Wellness Consulting

Dr. Robert Hariri

Founder and Chairman of Celularity

Gazelle Hashemian

Founder of BlueFlower Wellness Products and Services

The Power of the Flower: Giving Nature a Chance

Robert J. Hedaya

Treating Mood Disorders , Anxiety, and ADD without Medication: Is it Possible?

Dr. Patrick Hwu

Department Chair of Melanoma Medical Oncology, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Using the Immune System Against Cancer

A. J. Jacobs

New York Times Bestselling Author of Drop Dead Healthy

A Lighthearted and Funny Approach to Achieving Your Optimal Health

Yi Jin, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer & Chairman of the Board, Brain Treatment Center

Protecting Your Sleep: An Essential Skill for Maintaining Wellness

Grace Jull

Renowed Educator and Owner of Grace's Anatomy

Realizing the Heart's Full Potential

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Internationally Known Scientist, Writer and Meditation Teacher

Mindfulness and Optimal Health: The Challenge of a Lifetime and the Adventure of Living Our Lives as if it Really Mattered

Nadine Kabbani, PhD

Scientific Group Leader at the Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study

Brain Health: A Balancing Act

Rebecca Katz

Author, Educator & Culinary Translator

Transforming Health Through the Power of Food: The Science and Alchemy of Yum

Kristin Kirkpatrick

President of KAK, Consulting, LLC | Dietitian & Consultant of Wellness Nutrition Services at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute

Chuck Lief

President of Naropa University

What It Means To Live A Balanced Life

F. Mannello, PH.D.

Professor of Clinical Biochemistry at the University of Urbino

Personal Care Products and Breast Cancer

Robert L. Manuel

Keith Mitchell

Former NFL Linebacker

The Transformative Power of Mindfulness

Kevin Mullins

Master Instructor at Equinox Sports Club, Washington D.C.

Get Up And Move

Dan Nevins

Yoga Teacher, Wounded Warrior and Professional Speaker who has been inspiring audiences around the world with his message of perseverance, resiliency and hope for more than a decade.

The Healing Power of Yoga

Valerie Palmieri

President and CEO of Vermillion

Ovarian Cancer and How Early Detection IS POSSIBLE

Linda F. Powers

Managing Director of Toucan Capital

Your Cells Can Cure: Personalized Immune and Regenerative Therapy Breakthroughs

Patricia Reilly Koch

Founding Partner of BB&R Wellness Consulting

Dr. Michael Roizen

So you think you’re doing what it takes to be Healthy?

Dr. Christopher A. Shaw

Neuroscientist at the University of British Columbia

Aluminum in Neurological Disease

Thomas G. Sherman

Associate Professor of Pharmacology & Physiology

Nutrition 101

Dr. Bernie Siegel

Reflections on the Art of Living and Healing

Dr. Robert Silvetz

Director iSychrony Clinic

Brain Science: Clinical Successes and Future Developments in Individualized TMS

Alexandra Taussig

Senior Vice President Marketing & Business Management, Fidelity Investments

Reducing Stress Through Financial Empowerment

Kathie Madonna Swift

Leading Integrative Dietitian, Author, Educator and Innovator, Co-Founder of the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy

Nutrition for Digestive Health and Happiness

Iyanla Vanzant

Spiritual Lifecoach and New York Times Best Selling Author. Iyanla is also the Host and Executive Producer of the award-winning breakout hit “Iyanla: Fix My Life,” the No. 1 reality show on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

An Intimate Conversation With Iyanla Vanzant

Brian Wansink

Cornell University’s John S. Dyson Professor of Marketing

Slim By Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life

Julien Williams, A.C.E

A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer

Get Up and Move!